VH-GSB  Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman                   (c/n  269)


                                  ".....will all passengers holding confirmed reservations please come to the fore....we'll handle the
                                  stand-by ones later!"    A Gibbes Sepik Airways Norseman in typical surroundings, somewhere
                                  in New Guinea, circa 1959.   This was the former Zinc Corporation's aircraft VH-BHG.   It was
                                  later acquired by Robert H. (Bobby) Gibbes as his own personal transport and re-registered
                                  VH-RHG.     When acquired by Pay and Williamson in 1965 for use as a cropduster it was re-
                                  registered VH-GSG.    After service with Skyservice Aviation and Air Research in the early 1970s
                                  it was exported to Canada in 1973, as CF-ISM, changed in 1975 to C-FISM.    It crashed in
                                  June of 1978 into Witchai Lake, Manitoba.