VH-RHG (1)   Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman            (c/n  269)


                                     VH-RHG at Bankstown in November of 1964 after it had been ferried from New Guinea where
                                     it had been the personal mount of Bobby Gibbes, founder of Gibbes Sepik Airways.  Above shot
                                     by Greg Banfield.  It was originally civilianized (ex A71-012) in 1949 for Silver City Airways, the
                                     Broken Hill Consortium's private airline as VH-BHG.   Sold to Gibbes Sepik Airways in 1953,
                                     it was re-registered VH-GSB.  When Gibbes seconded it for his own personal use he re-registered
                                     it with his initials.    Based at Garoka, it had the name of his plantation painted on the fuselage
                                     'Tremearne Tea and Coffee Estate'.  All I can discern of that above is the 'Tea'.  Later, and to
                                     clear the preferred rego for his Saab Safir, (ex VH-AHA), it was re-registered VH-GSG
                                     Anyway, it is seen above waiting to have a hopper installed inside the fuselage for Pay & Williamson
                                     of Scone, NSW who were to operate it as a cropduster.  They also modified Norseman VH-GSE
                                     for large acreage dusting.