VH-GSG   Noorduyn UC-64A Norseman                            (c/n  269)

                                    In 1964 Bobby Gibbes personal Norseman VH-RHG was re-registered VH-GSG and then
                                    acquired by Pay and Williamson for operation as a crop duster. Geoff Goodall took the image
                                    above at their base at Scone, NSW in 1967, while the hanger shot (immediately below) is a
                                    CAHS archives photo taken at Camden.  The hangar shot following that is from Joh n Hopton
                                    also at Camden in November 1968 when the Norseman was wearing the titles of Ed Fleming's
                                    Skyservice Aviation Pty Ltd.    It had been modified for water fire bombing  work but failed to
                                    secure any Government contracts.  It was leased to Greg Board's Air Research Pty Ltd in
                                    1970 and fitted for magnetometer mineral survey.   The image at the foot of the page, by
                                    John Wheatley, shows it in Air Research livery.   In 1973 it was repatriated back to the land
                                    of its birth, and became CF-ISM (later C-FISM).   The old lady was finally written off in June
                                   1978 when she crashed into Witchai Lake, Manitoba.     See my Canadian entry for details.