VH-EWR  Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IV                       (c/n  6039)


                               This former war weary Hudson (ex A16-110) was civilianized in 1947 as VH-JCM for Curtis-Madsen
                               Aircrafts Pty Ltd.  It was used on migrant charters to Europe in 1947/48.  Sold to East-West Airlines in
                               1950 it was re-registered VH-EWE and then as VH-BPT when that rego was required for a DC-3 in
                               1956.   It was converted for cloud seeding operations under a CSIRO contract in 1957 and re-registered
                               VH-EWR ("R" for Rainmaking) in 1958.      It is seen above in this Geoff Goodall photo at Essendon,
                               Melbourne in May 1962 with small wording aft of the East-West Airlines titling stating "Special Projects
                               Division Rainmaking"    The cropped close-up at the foot of the page is from the Trevor Fuller collection,
                               via Maurice Austin.   In 1962 it was sold to Sepal Pty Ltd of Mascot, a division of Adastra and re-regis-
                               tered VH-AGE.     The image immediately  below is from the South Australian Aviation Museum archives
                               and shows -EWR over the Snowy Mountains region , circa 1961.