VH-AGE  (3)   Lockheed  414-08 Hudson IVA          (c/n  6039)


                                        This aircraft has had a myriad of identities.  Originally built as a Lockheed A-28 for the USAAF
                                        with serial number 41-23180, it was diverted to the RAAF and became A16-110.   It was
                                        civilianized as VH-JCM and then went to East-West Airlines as VH-EWE.   It later was re-
                                        registered VH-BPT and then VH-EWR before going to Adastra in 1958 as VH-AGE.
                                        However, for a full and complete history of it (including its disastrous end) go to                
                                        The above photograph is by Chris O'Neill.