VH-EWE  Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IV            (c/n  6039)


                                    This was about the only angle that shots of EWA Hudsons could be taken from at Mascot.  Even
                                    in 1954 it was not prudent to walk out onto the far side of the ramp and shoot inwards towards the
                                    terminal since that area of the tarmac was visible from the control tower.  This aircraft was previously
                                    VH-JCM and became VH-BPT in 1956.  It wound up back with a EWA-style rego as VH-EWR
                                    in 1958 when used for rainmaking with the CSIRO.   For full details of its history and ultimate demise
                                   go to:     http://www.adastra.adastron.com/aircraft/hudson/vh-age.htm