VH-FDT (1)    DHA-3 Drover 3                                          (c/n  5011)

                                    This was the former TAA's Royal Flying Doctor Service's VH-DRE 'Eric Donaldson' which was
                                    re-registered in January 1963 into the RFDS series as VH-FDT.  Greg Banfield's photo above was
                                    taken at Bankstown oin 24 November 1968.     Oddly, when the Drover c/n 5014 was exported to
                                    the U.K. as G-APXX it wound up (derelict now) in the Lashamn SWAAPS Air Museum painted
                                    up as VH-FDT.  Since this latter machine never actually flew with the Flying Doctors I guess they
                                    wanted to represent it as one that had.   Anyway, the true VH-FDT went to Air Melanesie in the
                                    New Hebrides (Vanuatu today) in 1969 and became VP-PAP.   Returning to Australia a year later
                                    it became VH-EOO.