VH-EOO  DHA-3 Drover 3                                          (c/n  5011)


                                This Drover was the former VP-PAP of Air Melanesiae, an airline which operated in the New
                                Hebrides (before it became Vanuatu) in the late 1960s.    Prior to that it had been the Royal
                                Flying Doctor Service's VH-FDT*.    It was originally built as VH-DRE and operated by TAA
                                for the RFDS      Upon its repatriation from the islands it became VH-EOO.   The shot above
                                is by R.A. Scholefield and was taken at Bankstown in October 1970.  -EOO finally withdrawn
                                from use in 1975.

                                * There is, at the Second World War Aircraft Preservation Society (SWWAPS) museum near
                                Lasham Airfield in Hampshire, UK a Drover (now sadly run down) painted up as VH-FDT.
                                This aircraft is actually G-APXX,  formerly Qantas' VH-EAS (and VH-EAZ before that).
                                I can only assume that they wanted to depict the aircraft as an ex RDFS machine, and decided
                                that it should be ex -FDT!.