PK-OSA  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                              (c/n  6353)


                                      This was the former VH-MMT, although it had had as long history before that, beginning life
                                      ostensibly as NC34960, but in fact was impressed into service as a US Navy R4D-1, BuAer
                                      No. 33818.  Civilianized as N9032H, it went to Australia as VH-MJR and later as VH-MMT
                                      for MacRoberston Miller Airlines.    In 1969 it was sold to Seulawah Air Service as PK-RDG.
                                      Early in 1978 it went to Mandala Airlines and was re-registered VH-OSA.  The above shot by
                                      Barney Deatrick (via Geoff Goodall) taken at the old Kemayoran at Jakarta is rare in that it
                                      shows it with its new registration, but still with Seulawah titling.   C/n 6353 was last noted some-
                                      what derelict at Kemayoran in April 1980, some reports stating it was in Seulawah markings.
                                      If true, that is odd, since it was used by Mandala and repainted in their livery.   No doubt it was
                                      scrapped when that airport closed