VH-MMT  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                 (c/n  6353)

                                       Unfortunately the minuscule registrations adorning MacRobertson Miller Airlines of this era are
                                       practically unreadable in my 625 pixel reproductions.    They are, however, quite clearly legible
                                       in Geoff Goodall's original prints.   Both the super color image above and the B&W shot below
                                       were taken at Perth Airport in 1968.     MMA had a policy of naming their airliners to be in line
                                       with the last letter of their registrations, hence -MMT was named 'Turner'.        It was formerly
                                       VH-MJR and did not join MMA's fleet until June 1965.  It departed Perth on 12 October 1969
                                       on delivery to Seulawah Air Service in Indonesia and became PK-RDG.     It was later sold off
                                       to Mandala Airlines changing its rego again, this time to PK-OSA (circa Jan 1978).    C/n 6353
                                       was last noted somewhat derelict at the old Keymayoran Airport in Jakarta in April 1980, still in
                                       Seulawah markings.  No doubt scrapped when that airport closed.