Lake LA-4       N1023L                       (c/n  266)

                                       Falling barely within the acceptable window of my 'Classic' selection, this Lake was built in 1961. 
                                       It is still on the register.  However, since the prototype first flew in 1959 and the first production
                                       models came off the line in 1960, I believe it qualifies as a Classic.  This aircraft was a development
                                       of the Colonial Skimmer IV and, prior to that, the Grumman Tadpole. It was somewhat larger than
                                       its progenitor, having a greater wing span, strengthened structure and higher all up weight.  The LA4
                                       remained in production until 1972 (small numbers of seaplane only LA4Ts were also built), by which
                                       stage the improved LA4200 Buccaneer had been in production for two years.   This LA-4 was shot
                                       at McCarren Field in Las Vegas in 1961 when  N1023L was brand new and was owned by the
                                       J.J. Harkey Company, dba Sierra Nevada Contractors, Inc.