Grumman G-65 Tadpole    NX41828                      (c/n  1)

                                      The only reason I have put this one-off experimental type in the selection is because it was the
                                      progenitor of both the Colonial Skimmer and Lake Buccaneer series of amphibian aircraft, and
                                      is of significant historical interest. The machine first flew on 7 December 1944 with Leroy Grumman
                                      at the controls accompanied by Hank Kurt.   The powerplant was a 125 h.p. Continental C-125
                                      driving a two bladed wooden prop.  Project engineers for the G-65 were David B. Thurston and
                                      Herbert P. Lindbad.  When market studies after the war indicated that there wouldn't be sufficient
                                      demand to produce the type, the project was dropped.   Thurston and Lindbad left to form their
                                      own company which became Colonial Aircraft.    The C-1 Skimmer, which could be considered
                                      to be an extension of the Tadpole design evolved into the Colonial C-2 and Lake LA-4 series of