Northwest Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32   N945N   (c/n  47664)


                                  In the fall of 1986 Northwest Airlines purchased Republic Airlines.    Although more or less a
                                  dyed in the wool Boeing customer, they had renewed their acquaintance with Douglas (or rather
                                  McDonnell Douglas as it then was) in the 1970s with the DC-10 but now found themselves in
                                  possession of a large fleet of DC-9s.  At that point in time NWA couldn't afford to get rid of them
                                  and so they were absorbed into the fleet.   Since that time they have acquired more used DC-9s
                                  from Alitalia and SAS,  although they have never ordered them new from the manufacturer.  N945N
                                  was a former North Central Airlines machine originally delivered in 1975, and is seen here at Ft.
                                  Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in January of 2006 in this photograph by Ben Wang. 
                                  Presumably, when the aircraft is given a major overhaul it will be repainted in the new all grey
                                  "NWA plus circle" livery.