Republic Airlines  McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14   N3309L   (c/n  45704)


                                           When Republic was formed on 1 July 1979, it was decided that the livery scheme, at least initially,
                                           would replicate that worn by the North Central machines.  Numerically, they had the most aircraft,
                                           and that such a decision would mean that a smaller number of airliners would be repainted. 
                                           Eventually, however, they all were, as seen in the shot above of an ex-Southern Airways series 14
                                           DC-9 taken at Burbank by Ellis Chernoff in May of 1984.   Since there wasn't time to repaint them
                                           all, the ex-Southern aircraft retained their old markings for a while, and merely had an airline titling
                                           change, as seen in the Bob Garrard image below taken at Miami International, just after the merger,
                                           in 1980.  Normally the repaint took place when the aircraft came in for major maintenance.  

                                           N3302L  McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14     (c/n   45698)



Burbank 1984