North Central Airlines  McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31    N954N       (c/n  47159)

                                        North Central's DC-9s were put into operation in the fall of 1967, and N954N was put into use in
                                        early 1968.  It is seen here in this shot by Bob Garrard at Port Columbus International Airport in
                                        1970    Most airliners operating in the harsh conditions of the American mid-West tended to become
                                        rather dirty looking over the years.   N954N isn't too bad in this shot.  This particular machine was
                                        destroyed when it took off from Chicago's O'Hare Airport on 20 December 1972 in poor visibilty
                                        and collided with Delta Air Lines Convaiur 880 N8807E which was crossing its path.  Poor ground
                                        control communication was cited as the cause.   Anyway, North Central eventually acquired more than
                                        20 of these short bodied series 30 DC-9s.   By 1970 the airline's route structure extended from Minneapolis
                                        to New York City in the east, Cincinnatti, Columbus and Kansas City in the south, west to Denver and
                                        north to Minot, North Dakota.   Most of the sweries 30 DC-9s went on to sewrve with Republic Airlines.