Frontier Airlines  Douglas DC-3  N64423     (c/n  9251)


                                        Frontier Airlines was formed on 1 June 1950, basically by the amalgamation of Arizona Airways,
                                        Challenger Airlines and Monarch Air Lines, although in fact Monarch had gobbled up the other
                                        two just prior to that date and Frontier was really a change of name by Monarch Air Lines.   As
                                        a Local Service airline it already had a very extensive network, with routes from Billings to Salt
                                        Lake City, Denver, Grand Junction, Phoenix, Albuquerque and El Paso, with dozens of inter-
                                        mediate cities on line.  I took the above image at Denver's Stapleton Airport (the carrier's Head
                                        Office) in the summer of 1960.   The machine is the same DC-3 as the representative one I have
                                        for Monarch Air Lines.  N64423 was a former USAAF C-47A-15-DL (42-23389). Frontier
                                        sold it in 1965 and it was written off  following a landing accident in 1968 at Teterboro, New
                                        Jersey in 1968 whilst on lease to the Ford Motor Co as a freighter.