VH-UZQ  Ryan ST-A                                      (c/n  132)


                             Not much doubt about the previous identity of this Ryan!  It is still wearing it on both rudder and
                             wings!   The above photograph was taken in 1937 just after its arrival in Australia.   Below is a shot
                             from the Geoff Goodall collection showing the Ryan in a vertical position while completing a flick-roll
                             over a crowd of some 10,000 at an air display at Essendon on 9 October 1937.   Flown by owner
                             Ken Frewin, he had just won the Aerial Derby in it.   Despite pressure from the CAB to have the US
                             registration removed, Frewin retained the NC markings for several months after it became VH-UZQ!
                             In 1951 the Ryan was re-registered VH-BWQ.   Following a crash in 1970 it lay dormant for years.
                             It has, however, evidently been restored to life and is now flying again as VH-UVQ.