VH-TLX  Lockheed 12A                                            (c/n 1236)

                                      This Lockheed 12A had originally been imported in 1937 as VH-ABH for Associated Airlines.
                                      It went to Muir Airlines in the Northern Territory in 1960 becoming VH-DMC.  When S.A. Air
                                      Taxis acquired it in 1962 it was re-registered VH-TLX.   Geoff Goodall photographed it at
                                      Adelaide Airport in August of that year while it was still wearing Muir's basic livery.  A year
                                      later it was re-registered VH-ASV when acquired by Air Surveys Australia.   In 1978 it was
                                      restored back to VH-ABH and dressed up as "Silver City", its original Associated Airline name.