VH-SSV (1)  CAC CA-28 Ceres B                                              (c/n  18)


                                              This was the rebuilt prototype VH-CEA, re-registered VH-CEX and given a new c/n.
                                              In 1963 it was acquired by Super Spread, given a red and silver livery, and re-registered
                                              VH-SSV.   Geoff Goodall's photo (above) was taken at Parafield, Adelaide in March
                                              of 1964.  It passed to Airfarm Associates (who bought up all of Super Spread's CA-28s)
                                              and Mike Croker took the image immediately below at at Tamworth in July 1966.   It was
                                              still with Airfarm when Geoff took photo # 3 at Cootmundra, NSW later in 1966 by which
                                              time it had acquired a revised paint job, sans titling.   Finally, the nice color shot at the foot
                                              of the page is by Greg Banfield, taken at Tamworth, NSW in October 1974 with -SSV in
                                              full Airfarm red and yellow livery.  This Ceres was withdrawn from use in 1975 but was
                                              observed on Allan H. Baker's "Womerah" property at Wee Waa, NSW in the 1980s.
                                              Its ultimate fate is unknown.