VH-RSP  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                             (c/n  C1/0446)


                                  This was the former VH-AJD, re-registered into the Royal Aero Club of NSW's series in 1956 as
                                  VH-RSP.  In 1967, when the club disposed of it, it became VH-ESP.  Three of the images present-
                                  ed here are from Greg Banfield, and were all taken at Bankstown.  (1) Above, in June 1964, when
                                  the Chippie carried the name "City of Sydney" under the cockpit;  (2) immediately below, in October
                                  1966 sporting a rather ugly set of shark's teeth and, (3) in January 1967, sans nose art and approximately
                                  eight months before it was sold off.   At the foot of the page is a nice contemporary photo of -RSP (4)
                                  after its sojourn as -ESP, but unfortunately I have lost the provenance of this shot.  If the photographer
                                  would kindly advise me (Glenn?) I would like to include the applicable credit.  Note minuscule rego now
                                  under the tailplane.