VH-PFD  Piper PA-23-250 Aztec D               (c/n  27-4454)


                                  Imported new in May 1970 as VH-CUX, the 'D'  Model Aztec was the 1970 model.  This
                                  aircraft sustained damage in the cyclone which hit Darwin on Christmas Eve, 1974, although
                                  was evidently repaired, since it looked pretty good when Geoff Goodall took this shot at
                                  Rockhampton some six months later (June, 1975).   It was registered at the time to Country
                                  Air Services Pty Ltd.  Countryair had, in the mid 1970s, no fewer than 15 aircraft, comprising
                                  two Aztecs (the other was VH-TIP), 7 Cherokees (both  Sixes and Arrows), 4 Comanches,
                                  a Twin Comanche and a Navajo.  It operated passenger and freight charter services from Rock-
                                  hampton to many points within Central Queensland, although would fly to almost anywhere on
                                  request.   It also operated tourist sight-seeing tours over the Barrier Reef.   It expanded in the
                                  1980s and went on later to acquire a Britten Norman Islander and an Embraer Bandeirante.
                                  However, unfortunately for the local populace, like many regional or third level carriers, it had
                                  ceased operations by 1990.    VH-PFD is still airworthy and is registered to a company in NSW.