VH-ICE  Cessna 172                              (c/n 36023)

                                    Classic laconic scene at an Australian country airshow, this straight tail 172 was originally VH-TMA
                                    and earlier VH-REI.       It was owned by North West District Flying School at Inverell NSW who
                                    registered a number of single Cessnas in the VH-IC series for “Inverell Charter”.  Darryl Connell's
                                    photo above was taken at Port Macquarie, NSW in April 1963.   VH-ICE crashed on takeoff on
                                    14 November 1963 at a rough strip near Burren Junction, NSW.           The nose wheel struck an
                                    embankment and was torn off, the aircraft nosed over and came to rest inverted.     The 3 on board
                                    must have been securely strapped in because they were not hurt.