VH-GBY  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                 (c/n  C1/0490)

                                        A rare shot by Neil Follett of C1/0490 in its first Australian civil rego taken at Moorabbin in May
                                        1959.    Originally owned by G.B. Youl of Tasmania who set a new Australian height record  with
                                        it of 26.450 feet over Tassie on 31 July 1958.  Mr. Youl had modified it with a single canopy over
                                        the back seat (in Ryan STM fashion) but it had been converted back to a standard canopy when
                                        Neil took the above hangar shot.  It was acquired by the Royal Aero Club of SA in 1960 and
                                        re-registered VH-BWK.  Later identities were VH-CKD and VH-TUG.