VH-BWK  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                              (c/n  C1/0490)


                                      VH-BWK was a later model Chippie (ex WG416) which was acquired by the Royal Aero Club
                                      of South Australia in 1960.   Geoff Goodall's shot shows it at Parafield in August of 1962.  It had
                                      come onto the Australian civil register as VH-GBY in 1956, registered to a private owner (G.B.
                                      Youl) in Tasmania.   It was re-registered VH-CKD in March of 1965., and then a scant seven
                                      months later as VH-TUG.    We can imagine what it was used for wearing that rego!  Written off
                                      in 1968, although the remains are in storage.  Possible restoration?