VH-GAH  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                        (c/n  C1/0057)


                                         I am making the assumption that this image depicts VH-GAH the second, since that Goulburn
                                         Aero Club machine became VH-BWM for the Royal Aero Club of South Australia shortly after
                                         Geoff Goodall took this shot in the hangar at Parafield in August of 1962.  Not only that, but its
                                         previous identity of VH-MOE appears to have been painted under the port wing.  VH-GAH(4)
                                         was also a Chipmunk, but went to the Alice Springs Aero Club (still not out of the realm of poss-
                                         ibility that it passed through Adelaide, although it probably would not have been in the hangar, and
                                         that transfer didn't occur until a year later).