VH-MOE (1)   DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                                (c/n  C1-0057)


                                     Another of the Latrobe Valley Aero Club Chipmunks.  This aircraft was delivered to that
                                     organization in 1957, being ex RAF WB616.  In 1961 it was sold off and became VH-GAH
                                     (the second).  This shot was taken at Moorabbin in 1958 on the occasion, I think, when
                                     VH-MOB was sold to the Royal Victorian Aero Club.  i.e. to carry the ferrying pilot back
                                     to Sale, in Gippsland, the Aero Club's base.  It went on to be operated by the Royal Aero
                                     Club of South Australia as VH-BWM and was then re-registered as VH-UEU, an identity
                                     it holds to this day.