VH-EWF  (1)  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G              (c/n  6007)


                               There were two VH-EWFs.   This is the first one and was re-registered VH-EWE in 1958
                               after the original VH-EWE (a Lockheed Hudson) had been disposed of.   It was previously
                               TAA's VH-AER and was acquired by EWA in June of 1955.    The second VH-EWF was
                               the DC-3 VH-EWA, re-registered after the Fokker F-27 arrived.  It, would, in my opinion,
                               have been far simpler to merely keep registering aircraft in the VH-EW sequences without this
                               confusing identity problem.  However, in retrospect, with the growth of the airline in the 1970s
                               they would have reached VH-EWZ, and so a certain amount of re-registering would have had
                               to take place anyway, in order to keep the magic "EW".