VH-EWE  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                        (c/n  6007)


                                  This was the former VH-EWF and -AER before that.  I go into this identity problem somewhat in
                                  the narrative under that former entry.  It was withdrawn from use in 1983 and repainted into its first
                                  civilian markings, namely VH-AER residing at, and being used as a dining area for, McDonalds
                                  Family Restaurant at West Lakes, S.A.      It was sold in 2000 to Jeff Morgan of Karoona, S.A.
                                  The three images on this page are all from the Greg Banfield collection and depict the DC-3
                                  (above) at Mascot in 1964; (immediately below) also at Mascot, two years later in June 1966
                                  and sporting an additional window behind the cockpit; (and finally at the bottom of the page) at
                                  Port Macquarie in September 1968.   However, for a wealth of Peter Gates' photos of it under
                                  various guises go to: