VH-AER  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                       (c/n  6007)


                                           Formerly the C-47-DL 41-18646.  This photo was acquired from TAA in 1948.  VH-AER
                                           was released to the nucleus Australian National Airlines Commission before the end of the war
                                           in January 1945.  Following a lease to Guinea Airways until October 1946 it joined the equally
                                           nucleus TAA fleet and was named 'Batman'.   The shot below is from the Ben Dannecker coll-
                                           ection (via Geoff Goodall), date and venue unknown.  By that time it had received its late 1940s
                                           livery, had been renamed 'Dampier' and had the rego removed to the fin.      Just love that 1948
                                           Mercury.     The image at the foot of the page, from Civil Aviation Historical Society of South
                                           Australia shows -AER devoid of any livery, probably just before it was released to its civilian
                                           operators.   This DC-3 was sold to East-West Airlines in June 1955 as VH-EWF . ..