VH-CYI  Cessna 150                              (c/n  17232)


                                        A run-of-the-mill Cessna 150 at Orange, NSW in October 1962.  It had come on the register
                                        the prior December, ex N5732E.  Photo by Bob Neate.  It was one of several Cessna and
                                        Beech singles and twins imported in the 1960s by Jim Hazelton and registered to his Hazair
                                        Agricultural Services.  They were acquired as entrepreneurial investments and quickly sold off
                                        (much to the chagrin of the regular, designated dealers). When sold in July 1963 VH-CYI  be-
                                        came VH-RQX.   Later identities were VH-BQX and VH-WOH.