VH-BQX  Cessna 150                                      (c/n  17232)


                                        This was the former Royal Quuensland Aero Club's VH-RQX, and VH-CYI before that.  It was
                                        actually one of a plethora of second hand imports made by Jim Hazelton of Orange, NSW in the early
                                        1960s being registered -CYI in December 1961 (US rego was N5732E).   The photo above, by Merv
                                        Prime, shows the little Cessna at Jandakot in December 1966 a few days after it became -BQX for the
                                        Wongan Hills Aero Club in WA, following a long ferry flight from Sydney.  ..    In November 1967 it
                                        was re-registered yet again as VH-WOH, being the aeronautical designation for Wongan Hills.