VH-CHD  Lockheed 10A Electra                        (c/n  1107)


                                        This was the fourth registration that c/n 1107 bore on the Australian civil register (although it
                                        was to receive one more).    Imported in 1937, it went to Ansett as VH-UZO, then was
                                        VH-CMA in 1953 with Chrities Motor Auctions for the Redex Rally.  In 1958 it was sold
                                        to Western Air Navigation in Charleville, Queensland as VH-WAO (no pictures appear to
                                        have been taken of it as such) and then again in 1960 to C. H. Degotardi Air Services Pty
                                        Ltd of Sydney as VH-CHD and named 'Miss Real Estate'.   It was used to fly high rolling
                                        customers around to view potential properties they might want to buy!        John Hopton's
                                        photo above was taken at Bankstown in March 1961 when it was thus employed.  Marshall
                                        Airways bought it in 1962 and it was re-registered VH-ASM, the last registration it would
                                        enjoy, other than as various identities as a museum piece.    It was withdrawn from use in
                                        1967 and in 1991 joined 'Yesterday's Air Force' and repainted to its original VH-UZO. 
                                        Since then it has been used in re-enactments and movies relating to famous flights.   Ron
                                        Cuskelly has the whole story at  http://www.adastron.com/lockheed/electra/vh-uzo.htm