VH-UZO  Lockheed 10B Electra                        (c/n    1107)


                            VH-UZO was a sister ship to the previously illustrated VH-UZN.  Ansett named it "Ansertes".
                            It is seen above after its airline flying days were done, out to "pasture" at Essendon in the late
                            1940s. The image immediately below, (# 2) by Lindsay Wise (via the Civil Aviation Historical
                            Society archives) was taken at Essendon the  late 1930s while the aircraft was 'on line'   In 1951
                            -UZO was sold to South Coast Airways Pty Ltd of Wollongong, NSW.   Nick Lindsley provides
                            the next two images of it (# 3 & 4) taken by his father, Fred, at Wollongong in 1951.  The close
                            up is interesting in that it shows not only the bent prop as the result of a take off accident in March
                            1951, but also the livery applied by South Coast after the plain treatment seen in image # 3.  Early
                            in the new millennium it was gifted to Australia's Museum of Flight by then owner Laurie Ogle.
                            Photo # 5 shows it completely restored at at Essendon Airport during an anniversary/open day
                            there in 1996.   Finally at the foot of the page is another Linday Wise image showing -UZO after
                            one of its many crash landings.  This one near Somerset Dam, Queensland on 7 March 1943