VH-ASM   Lockheed 10B Electra               (c/n     1107)

                                 This aircraft was the former (in descending sequence):  VH-CHD, VH-WAO, VH-CMA, VH-UZO).
                                 Really!  How many identities does one aircraft need in its life?  All the images on this page were taken
                                 at Bankstown while the machine was owned by Sid Marshall.   The one above is by Roger McDonald
                                 in 1966.  Immediately below is a photo by Jim Sweeney in the early 1970s, while Geoff Goodall saw it
                                 in September of 1969 (bottom of page) with the Marshall Penguin under the wing.  The Lockheed has
                                 since been restored in its original markings of VH-UZO and is registered to Yesterdays Air Force. For
                                 a complete history of this machine go to Ron Cuskelly's Lockheed File at: