Australian Civil Aircraft:

               VH-U      series.       This was the first Australian series, emanating from the U.K. G-AUxx series.   All were allocated by the
                                           end of 1937.  The VH- marking was adopted in 1930.    Note: VH-U registrations re-allocated later (from
                                           the 1960s on) will not appear in this section but will be under VH-M thru VH-Z.
            VH-AAA  - ALZ         This series started just before WW II.  Got to about VH-AEA by the time the War started.  Proceeded
                                           in sequence to VH-AZY (VH-AZZ not allotted) by 1947.   Since then, many preregistrations have
                                           occurred.  See my note under VH-AAG.                         
            VH-AMA - AZY         As indicated above, VH-AZZ itself was never allotted.    VH-AMA was assigned on 1 Feb 1946. 
                                           As registrations ran out in the 1970s and 1980s the same markings were re-allocated (sometimes
                                           over and over again).
            VH-Bxx  Series        The original series commenced in 1947 and went through to about 1949.  Since then there have
                                           been many re-allocations.  
            VH-C  -  VH-D          From 1940 to 1960, most Australian registrations in this block were "out of sequence"   i.e. did not follow on
                                           from VH-BZZ.   There were many re-allocations back in the VH-A and VH-B series, whilst most organizations
            VH-E  -  VH-G          had their own series.   Tossed in with this were the 'owner's initials' type registrations, plus some which defy
                                           (at least on the surface) any logical explanation. However, after about 1960, with the flood of imports, sequential
            VH-H  -  VH-L           allocations were once again more normal, starting around VH-CDA.  With the help of enthusiasts who started
                                           (more or less) where I left off in Australia, I have enlarged the collection with images from their collections,
            VH-M  -  VH-R          especially Geoff Goodall, Phil Vabre, Ian McDonell, Bob Neate, Martyn Covey, David Carter and John Wheatley,
                                           all of whom I am greatly indebted.

            VH-S  -  VH-Z
                                           Originally I had separate  pages for ANA, TAA, Royal Vic Aero Club, Super Spread, etc, but as
                                           of 2017 I am going to eliminate those and put the entries into their regular alphabetic sequences.