VH-AAB  B A Swallow II   (c/n  461)


                                  The Swallow was a development of the British Klemm monoplane.  It came with either
                                  a 80 hp Pobjoy Cataract II or, as it the case of this example, a 90 hp Cirrus Minor.
                                  This aircraft came from India, where it was previously VT-AIG.  The shot below is from
                                  Tony Hancock and was taken at Gratton, Qld.  Tony wasn't sure of the exact locale, but
                                  I have recently been contacted (December 2006) by Mark Sinclair, whose father now
                                  owns VH-AAB and has set me right as to the exact location of that shot!   Mark also
                                  indicates that the VH-AAB is now at Watts Bridge Memorial airfield and requires only
                                  minimal work to have it flying again.  Hopefully, then, we will see this rare bird back in the
                                  sky 'ere long.   Incidentally, the above shot also appears on my collection in: