VH-AZY  de Havilland D.H.104 Dove 1                  (c/n  04091)


                                      This Dove was delivered new to Airlines (WA) Ltd at Perth Airprt early in 1948. Photos of it as
                                      VH-AZY are extremely rare, and I am grateful to Geoff Goodall for this shot of it, grainy though
                                      it may be.   Before handing over to AWA it was test flown by deHavilland Aircraft's chief test pilot
                                      Brian "Blackjack" Walker.   It became VH-AWD in1953 when AWA "personalized" their regis-
                                      trations.   This Dove may not hold the record for different identities, but it must come close.
                                      It has been, successively:
                                     and finally as VP-PAL with Megapode Airways of Honiara, Solomon Islands.  It was returned to Hawker
                                     de Havillands at Sydney with advanced corrosion and ended up in a Sydney scrapyard, where it was saved
                                     by agricultural pilot and aviation enthusiast George Greig.