VH-AWD (1)   de Havilland D.H.104 Dove     (c/n  04091)

                                        This photograph is so poor I debated even putting it out here at all.  However, it is the only
                                        image I have of an Airlines (WA) Ltd. Dove in 'latter day' markings.  This differs from its
                                        original markings (see VH-AZY) in that the airline name appears above the cabin windows.
                                        I would appreciate it if any viewer has a better shot of an Airlines(WA) craft which I could
                                        present.   Airlines (WA) Ltd received six Doves in all, and were the first airline to use them in
                                        regularly scheduled service.    Some were acquired by MacRobertson Miller Airlines when
                                        that concern took over Airlines (WA), and VH-AWD was one of them, becoming VH-MMO.