VH-ANM    Douglas DC-3CG202A       ''Yannana'                           (c/n   18923)

                                     There were actually two VH-ANMs.  The above is the second one.  The first was a C-47-DL
                                     serial number 42-32845 formerly with the 10th Air Force in India.  It wound its way to Australia
                                     after the war becoming ANA's VH-ANM.  It was destroyed in a disastrous hangar fire at Mascot,
                                     Sydney on 7 September 1946.   (Which is why I don't have a photograph of it).   My shot above
                                     was at Essendon in 1954.  The photo immediately below is from Paul Miller and came from his
                                     father's album.  I suspect that it depicts this, the second VH-ANM, although it is still rare in that
                                     it shows it pre white top.  Venue and date unknown.  Possibly Essendon, circa 1950?

                                    VH-ANM (2) was built as a C-47A-65-DL with USAAF serial number 42-100460.  It joined ANA
                                    in 1946.  In the 1950s it was leased to Queensland Airlines and a couple of shots of it thusly attired
                                    appear below.  The first was taken at Mascot in 1951, whilst the lower one is a late Gus Grulke image
                                    (via Peter Gates), taken slightly later than mine at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, after the rego had been moved
                                    to the tail, and the white top deepened.   In 1957 it was registered to Ansett-ANA following the merger
                                   although went immediately to Butler Airlines who converted it to "Viewmaster" standard and repainted it
                                   in the new light blue livery as seen in the image # 5 from the Bob Smith collection.  In 1958 it was re-
                                   registered back to Ansett-ANA and in 1961 went to their Airlines of NSW subsidiary.  The shot at the
                                   foot of the page is by John Hopton and shows it working for the latter branch at at Bourke, NSW in
                                   June of 1961.  Shortly after that (October 1961) the old DC-3 was seconded to the New Zealand
                                   branch of Ansett as ZK-CAW.  After a stint with Fiji Airways as VQ-FAI it returned to New Zealand
                                   and was converted into an adjunct to a McDonald's restaurant!  For more details of this exciting phase
                                   in the life of this grand old lady go to: