VH-ADW (1)     Lockheed 14W-F62                 (c/n  1497)

                                VH-ADW was an ex Aer Lingus machine, and was imported in Ireland in 1939 as EI-ABV.  For
                                some reason Aer Lingus sold this, along with sister ship EI-ABW To Guinea Airways of Adelaide
                                after only operating them for a short while.  Perhaps the onset of war in Europe had something to do
                                with.it.  i.e. Aer Lingus' routes would, of necessity, have been drastically curtailed, and the uneconomical
                                Lockheeds would have been a drag on cash flow.   This aircraft was re-registered VH-AEW in
                                1940.  For the reason behind this change, and for a full history of this machine, go to:

                                EI-ABW became VH-ADY  (q.v.)   

                                Three further images below show it (upper) in full Guinea livery, and named "Darwin", while the
                                 two at the foot of the page show it 1940 in WW II camouflage, with and without tail flashes, and
                                 just prior to its being re-registered VH-AEW.