VH-AEW  Lockheed 14W-F62                     (c/n  1497)


                                            After the war Guinea Airways used their last remaining Lockheed VH-AEW on their SA
                                            passenger services until replaced by DC-3s   . It then had occasional charter use until 1949
                                            when retired at Parafield.    The above photo by John M. Smith (via Geoff Goodall) shows
                                            VH-AEW in post-war Guinea Airways scheme, stored in a remote corner of the airfield in
                                            July 1951.     Two months later it was broken up for scrap and carted away to the yard of                                  
                                            Browns Metals.     The three shots below are courtesy of the State Library of South Australia.
                                            They depict it:
                                            (i) above in full Guinea Airways "Coast to Coast" livery in the hangar at  Parafield just after
                                            it had been re-registered VH-AEW from VH-ADW;
                                            (ii)   anotherr post-war shot at at Parafield in 1949
                                            (iii)  bottom of page in 1942 in war time camouflage.