VH-ADL  Rearwin 9000KR Sportster                      (c/n  656-D)


                                        This rare shot, from the Len Dobbin collection (via the CAHS) depicts one of three Rearwins
                                        imported into Australia 1940.       The others were another 9000KR, VH-ADM and a model
                                        8135 Cloudster, VH-ABL.      The similarity between the latter mentioned aircraft and the one
                                        above is so striking that Phil Vabre and myself at first were not sure that my entry for -ABL did
                                        not, in fact, depict the above machine.  There are, however, enough subtle differences between
                                       a Sportster and a Cloudster to ensure that we have both machines correctly identified (the Cloud-
                                       ster  has a higher, narrower chord fin and rudder, and different shaped rear windows and doors).
                                       Both Sportsters were not long on the VH- register, being sold in New Zealand in December 1941.
                                       VH-ADL was initially registered to National Aircraft Pty Ltd of Sydney on 13 May 1940 before
                                       being exported to New Zealand where it was registered as ZK-AHN with the Auckland Aero
                                       Club at Mangere.   It was impressed into the RNZAF as NZ569 in 1942 and survived the war.
                                       Restored, it became ZK-AKA  .  I believe it may still be extant, although not airworthy.