Short S.35 Shetland    DX166


                                           This ghastly image of a Shetland looks like a model, although I do believe it depicts the
                                           actual DX166.  The starboard engines look like their thrust line is several degrees off
                                           centre, but that could be the effect of the swept back leading edge. Two prototypes of
                                           this long range reconnaissance flying boat were built.  The Mark 1 seen above, and the
                                           civil registered mark 2 G-AGVD.   At the time of its first flight on 14 December 1944,
                                           the Shetland was the largest British aircraft to have flown.   This aircraft was destroyed
                                           at its moorings on 28 January 1946 when the on board watch crew started up one of the
                                           Rotol generators in order to brew tea.  The unit was inadvertently left on with the result
                                           that it became overhead and caught fire.   By 1946/47 interest flying boats was rapidly
                                           on the wane due to the availability of  long range land based types and the Shetland was
                                           never developed beyond the prototype stage.