Kellett XO-60  42-13606   /  42-13609


                                    The Army Air Corp played around with autogiros in 1943/44 but the idea never really took off.
                                    Originally classified, pre-war, in the "G" (Giro) category, they were changed to the "O" (Observation)
                                    classification during WW II.   Seven XO-60s were taken into inventory.  The first six, including the
                                    two shown here were reclassified YO-60 in 1944, but were released from duties before the "Y" could
                                    be taken off.   The historic shot below shows the penultimate YO-60 in company with the prototype
                                    Kellett KD-1 NC14742 ready for delivery to Eastern Air Lines for its Camden N.J. to Philadelphia
                                    Post Office service.  See my entry under Eastern Air Lines Kellett KD-1B.