OY-DCE  Douglas DC-3                              (c/n  4865)


                                       This somewhat evocative shot of "Gorm Viking" (with DDL Denmark underneath the name)
                                       illustrates this Danish registered DC-3 under the tail of Norwegian registered DC-6 LN-LAG.
                                       at the old Bromma Airport, Stockholm, in the early 1950s.  This former C-53-DO was delivered
                                       to DDL in 1946.     After flying with SAS from 1948 until 1952, it was sold to Ramapo Foundry
                                       and Wheels Works Inc, of New York state, and carried the US "foreign" registration of N9959F
                                       before being re-registered stateside as N34D.   In 1967 it was purchased by the Ohio State Dept
                                       of Commerce who operated it until 1983.  This aircraft is, I believe, still in existence, although is
                                       fast becoming derelict.   The website FlyingHigher.Net has a much more detailed history of this
                                       machine at: