LN-LAG  Douglas DC-6                        (c/n  43134)


                                        Here's a nice shot of LN-LAG "Sverre Viking" in newly painted white top at Copenhagen
                                        Airport, circa 1952.  Note KLM Convair 240 and SAS Scandia in the background.  It was
                                        one of 16* operated by the airline, most of which were registered in Sweden (only two were
                                        LN- and two were OY-). When the DC-7s were delivered, this DC-6 was sold to Guest
                                        Aeronaves in 1959 as XA-MUM.

                                        *  Actually there were 17 registered but SE-BDA was lost early on (4 July 1948) in a mid air
                                            collision with an Avro York over Northwood, Middlesex, UK and another aircraft was
                                            acquired to replace it.