I-ENEA (2)   Fiat G.212 CP Monterosa                                        (c/n


                                The image above is a Fiat photograph acquired in 1948.  As indicated in the thumbnail history
                                of Avio Linee Italiane under the first I-ENEA, ALI was resurrected after WW II and began
                                services using new G.212s.  This post war desgin was, in fact, the last three motor transport
                                produced in Italy.  I assume ALI used many of the same registrations as carried by the G.18s
                                of the1938 era for sentimental reassons.  i.e. ALI is back! (or some such logic).  Clearly, with
                                the vast range of psuedo word-type regos still avialable, there was no need to repeat them. 
                                Avia Linee Italiane ceased operations in 1952.  I believe this G.212 went to France as F-BCUX.