HB-ITU  General Aviation (Clark)  GA-43                           (c/n  2204)


                                        Rare shot from Swissair showing the second GA-43 put into service by the airline in March
                                        1935.  It is seen in company with DC-2s HB-ITA and HB-ITO.  Note GAL Monospar ST.25
                                        HB-AIR (which went to Australia as VH-UUV) and Leopard Moth HB-ARI to the left. 
                                        HB-ITU was actually the fifth of its clan to be built.  Both GA-43s served on internal Swiss Air
                                        services connecting Zurich with Basel and Geneva.   Occasionally they were operated on flights
                                        outside the country.  HB-ITU was unfortunately short-lived as, on the night of 30 April 1936
                                        whilst on a night flight from Frankfurt to Basel it crashed into the north-west wall of the Rigi
                                        mountain in central Switzerland.  No passengers were on board, but the crew of two perished.
                                        Failure of the DF equipment was cited as the cause.