VH-UUV  GAL Monospar ST.25          (c/n ST25/48)


                             VH-UUV was not a new machine when delivered to Adelaide Airways in October of 1935 having
                             been registered in Switzerland as HB-AIR.  It can be seen in such in my shot of the Swissair Gen-
                             eral Aviation GA-43 HB-ITU.   
VH-UUV did not survive the war, and was "struck off register" in
   The two photographs below are from the Geoff Goodall collection, the lower one being one
                            of the better of the CofA shots he has managed to glean from the old DCA forms.  For an excellent
                             historic shot of  this and an Adelaide Airways Short Scion displaying the yellow and  black livery
                             of the time go to: