G-EAQX  Avro 547 Triplane                                                (c/n  547/1)


                              Here's a commercial triplane.  Sort of a triplane airliner, if you will.   It was, in fact, sold to Qantas
                              in November of 1920 as G-AUCR, although, having arrived, was found not to be robust enough
                              for day to day airline operation and was withdrawn by the airline after a year on the register.  The
                              547 was powered by a 160 h.p. Beardmore.  A second example, the Avro 547A (G-EAUJ) had
                              the more powerful 240 h.p. Siddeley Puma up front.  Finally, a third airframe was started (but never
                              completed) and stored at Hamble until 1925.